Misterioso, for solo Piano

Year: 2015

Duration: 9 minutes

From the Press:

" A work by Ayal Adler, Misterioso ("mystery") for piano shows a space between the vague and concrete. Colorful world, quiet but frantic. Often emerges from a quick phrase, a very Israeli shade, yet never vulgar, nor breaking the mystery. In Adler's work, and the work of Nono, Messiaen's spirit lies". 

Hagai Averbuch on: "Piano Plus"- Amit Dolberg's recital, February 2013. In: "Music 4AWhile, online Magazine 


"The work is based partly on the modal patterns of traditional Armenian music and those embedded within the modern harmonious environment, with the presence of background tunic emerge and disappear again. At times the piano resembles antique oriental string instruments - and highlighted its most essential feature  being "Fianoforta" and its ability to provide conflicts of light and shadow".

Yossi Peles, 2003. http://musforum.futurisrael.org/He/Peles04.htm

Sample PDF available for download here PDF

Amit Solberg, piano. Recorded at the Israeli Conservatory studio, Tel Aviv. Yaron Aldema, recording engineer

Amit Dolberg piano

The Meitar Ensemble recording project
The Center for new music Tel Aviv

recorded at the Israeli conservatory, Tel Aviv by Yaron Aldema

Ayal Adler: Misterioso, Yuval Zorn - Piano 8.7.14, Steinway Hall, London