Portrait of Israel's leading comtemporary composer

Ayal Adler is one of Israel's leading composers of contemporary music. He is internationally active and his works are being performed worldwide. His ouvre includes music in various genres, including solo, chamber, vocal and orchestral. 

Mr. Adler has won several awards, including the Prime Minister Award for Composers, " The year achievement" award (Acum prize) etc. He was the Composer-in-Residence for Meitar Ensemble and is currently the ensemble's Advisor. Mr. Adler was nominated Composer-in-Residence for: McGill University Symphonic Orchestra. His music is published by the Israeli Music Institute (IMI) and the Israeli Music Center (IMC). His works were commissioned by the West- Eastern Divan Orchestra; Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival; Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund; Israel Camerata Orchestra; Jerusalem Music Center; America- Israel Cultural Fund; Israeli Composers' League, and others.

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