Chase. Sergio Sorrentino, electric guitar

Year: 2020

Released by: RMN Music, London

Contemporary works for electric guitar, including "Chase"- winner of the RMN composition competition 


Works 2003-2009

Year: 2010


  1. Or Haganuz
  2. Reminiscence
  3. Voyages
  4. S h a d e s . . . to Colors
  5. Circles in Time
  6. Dialogues

Sponsored by the Israeli Composers' League 

Ensemble Meitar

Year: 2010

Released by: Israeli Music Institute, IMI

Gate of Darkness, two songs for mezzo soprano and ensemble


Year: 2008

Released by: Ensemble Meitar

Reminiscence, for Volin and Piano

CD is online available via this link

Voyages, for orchestra

Music in Time

Year: 2005

Released by: Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Voyages for orchestra, in: "Music in Time", 2005, a publication of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance .Also: article- " Tristan Murail and Spectral Music", by Dr. Ayal Adler. Music in Time 2005, pp. 87-91



Year: 2002

Released by: Jerusalem Municipality, Culture Department. Jerusalem


Misterioso for piano

Dialogues for Piano and Ensemble

Voyages for Orchetsra