Works 2003-2009

Year: 2010


  1. Or Haganuz
  2. Reminiscence
  3. Voyages
  4. S h a d e s . . . to Colors
  5. Circles in Time
  6. Dialogues

Sponsored by the Israeli Composers' League 

Reminiscence, for violin and piano

Ensemble Meitar, 2008

Year: 2008

Released by: Ensemble Meitar

CD is online available via this link

Voyages, for orchestra

Music in Time

Year: 2005

Released by: Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Voyages for orchestra, in: "Music in Time", 2005, a publication of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance .Also: article- " Tristan Murail and Spectral Music", by Dr. Ayal Adler. Music in Time 2005, pp. 87-91



Year: 2002

Released by: Jerusalem Municipality, Culture Department. Jerusalem

From the Press:

' I listened to three of Adler's works,and was impressed me at their professionalism and beauty. They are indeed evidence of their creator, who has high technical skills and much more important - has the ability to share with the listener a spiritual and emotional world...  I heard a prominent treatment of subtle motivic cells  (sometimes derived from archaic ethnic material). Microscopic involvement is also evident within the details and shades of orchestration and texture. Even in moments of complex chord, or heterophonic textutres, Adler's music has a basic tendency for clarity, radiant shading - that 'light intensity' and transparency of the lines - although it is softened and dimmed by reverberation of the percussion. or piano pedal. It is possible, Perhaps, to characterize this music as some type of neo-impressionism ' .


Yossi Peles, Israeli Musicians' Forum, 2002